In AQUARAMA 2009, we met and talked with Mr. Ingo Seidel. His book 'Back to Nature guide to L-Catfishes', is one of the best source for us to learn more about plecos. His intensive field researches had given us the needed information to breed some of the rarest plecos. However, there was one intriguing pleco picture that kept my wife, Julia, and I to pause when we bought his book. It was the cover picture of his book. It was L236 (Hypancistrus sp.) . We said to ourselves: We have to have this beautiful fish in our breeding stocks. But how? Mr. Seidel said that he only saw few specimens in Germany.

A few months afterwards, my friend told me that he could import L236 from one of the famous fish importer from Germany. The fish is called L236 (Hypancistrus sp. Rio Iriri). So we did. To our surprise, we did not see any specimens that look close to the picture that we have seen. It was a disappointment for us. We keep them anyway and try to breed them.

After a few batches of babies L236, we found one fish from a batch that show similarities to the fish that we were longing for. It looks close to the picture that we saw from Mr. Seidel's book. We were puzzled by it. How? We did not know. However, after batches and batches of babies L236, we understand that this beautiful fish that we are looking for comes from the L236 that we have imported from Germany. We believe that it is like albinism in animals. We have seven specimens so far from more than 200 L236 babies we got.

We are still experimenting with the 'new' specimen in our breeding program. We hope that we can produce more of this fish from our collection of L236.