My wife and I were astonished when we saw this beautiful fish from the book of 'Back to Nature Guide to L-Catfishes' by Ingo Seidel. We wanted so badly to have this beautiful fish in our breeding stocks. After a few months, my friend informed me that one of the well known exporters from Germany had this fish in stock. It is called L236 from Rio Iriri.. To our disappointment, the fish arrived did not even look close to the picture that we have seen before. It looked more toward L270 but with white bands. We kept the fish for a few months until it started to breed. To our surprise, one of the babies showed different coloration from its siblings. It looked like the fish that we wanted. After another batches of the babies, we are sure that the fish we looked for comes from some kind of mutation from the Hypancistrus sp .Rio Iriri.